The 2008 EHS Management Forum features 4 educational tracks--

Capitalize on the Forum's cost-effective learning to maximize your professional development, further your personal knowledge and build your business network that will help you in your day-to-day work as you bring measurable results to your organization.

Come hear from Keynote speakers and your peers on what happening and relevant in the EHS world today! Choose from 24 concurrent sessions organized along these tracks:

Managing Resources & Risk

EHS Managers are faced with the daily challenge of managing their organization’s resources and mitigating environmental, health, safety, and business risks. These challenges are increasing through mergers and acquisitions, and global growth, and managers are under greater scrutiny from upper management, shareholders, and customers.  In this track, you’ll hear how your peers are integrating Six Sigma and Lean programs to align EHS goals with those of their enterprise; how companies are defining their “waste footprint” and moving towards the ultimate goal of zero waste; and how they have embraced best practices and emerging issues in safety and ergonomics.

 Transparency & Communication  

In the “age of green”, stakeholders, suppliers, customers, and employees are increasingly focused on what your organization is doing to advance EHS and social responsibility initiatives. Communicating your organization’s commitment to – and progress on - these initiatives appropriately is paramount. If you want to influence change at your organization internally or looking to ensure that your external stakeholders are getting the right message, this track is for you! Come hear how companies are balancing transparency with the need to safeguard business-critical information, and how they are managing their internal and external communications for clarity and consistency. 

 The Business of Sustainability

What is sustainability and what does it mean to you and your organization? Learn how you can effectively engage your upper-management to help reduce your organization’s energy and water “footprint”, drive social responsibility through your supply chain, and reduce environmental impacts through product life-cycle planning.  Sustainability initiatives offer competitive advantages in addition to enhancing your organization’s image with customers, suppliers, shareholders, and employees, but selecting projects for your organization requires a consideration of financial as well as EHS and public relations factors. Learn from your peers how you can develop winning solutions for your company!

Managing Global Business 

As an EHS manager with global responsibilities, you face all of the challenges of domestic operations, plus a host of new challenges.  From involvement in due diligence and mergers and acquisitions, to integration of new businesses, through day-to-day responsibility for EHS performance, you are faced with the challenges of distance, language, culture, and stakeholder expectations.  Learn how your peers are dealing with these challenges, and how they manage their global supply chain, and keep up-to-date on emerging regulations and global business and political developments, while safeguarding their work force and the environment, and meeting EHS and business goals.

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