Keynote Speakers


Session A: Managing the Green

John Passacantando, Executive Director of Greenpeace USA, has been instrumental in guiding a tremendous shift in public awareness and concern about the conditions of our planet. A one-time political conservative and supply side economics disciple, he was converted to the environmental cause in 1987. Mr. Passacantando, who holds degrees in economics from Wake Forest and New York University, previously served as Executive Director of the Florence and John Schumann Foundation, awarding grants for campaign finance reform and environmental issues. He went on to found Ozone Action, an anti-Global Warming group before moving to Greenpeace in 2000. Mr. Passacantando is vested in working with government and industry, but finds that that is not always possible and explains that there are multiple tactics and approaches to address the many different situations facing environmentalists today. He advocates that each lobbying, letter writing, petition-signing, consumer boycott, public protest, and even civic disobedience, all have their place. This is, after all, a fight for survival.


Session B: The Speed of Trust

The SPEED of TRUST teaches participants pragmatic, practical, and actionable skills they can implement immediately regardless of their role in the organization. Using the learnings from The SPEED of TRUST®, this highly interactive workshop engages leaders at all levels in the real work of identifying and closing the trust gaps that exist in many organizations. Instead of continuing to pay an outrageous trust tax™, they can begin to realize the great benefits of a trust dividend both personally and organizationally.

This creates an opportunity for individuals to prepare themselves to fill the leadership shortage and provides a proven process for companies to increase the bench strength of their organization by developing critical leadership skills in their key people. The SPEED of TRUST® dramatically enhances leadership capability by teaching The 13 Behaviors of High Trust Leaders and how to imbed them into their daily interactions.


Changing Climate

Dennis Dimick serves as Executive Editor at National Geographic Magazine in Washington D.C., where he leads the magazine's coverage of energy and climate issues. The magazine's former environment editor, Dimick also presents slide shows to audiences nationwide on the signs, science, and potential solutions to climate change.

He has presented recently to gatherings at Yale University, MIT, the National Science Foundation, and EARTH University. Raised on a small Oregon farm, Dimick holds university degrees in agriculture and journalism. He has created many National Geographic articles on contemporary environmental issues since joining the magaz

Keynote Speakers

Session 1

Candace Freyseng, MDS, Inc.

Session 2

Kyle Cahill, EDF
Jamie Owen, Clorox
Johanna O'Kelley, Sierra Club

Session 3

Mark Hause, DuPont
Doug Stilwell, IP

Session 4

Zack Mansdorf, L'Oreal
Dawn Krueger, 3M

Session 5

Tom Easterday, Subaru
Tim Gaughan, Arkema Group

Session 6

William McGlocklin, SKF
Elaine Salewske, Baxter

Session 7

Robert Blink, WorkCare
Madina Joshi, Raytheon
Fred Norton, Liberty Mutual

Session 8

Dave Koepper, ITT
Tommy Thompson, Haines 
Nancy Joy-Poignon, Owens Corning

Session 9

Bob Brant, USPS
Keith Welsh, Tyco

Session 10

Rob Currie, Baxter
Allen Stegman, BNSF Railroad

Session 11

Janice Hager, Duke Energy
Alice Leblanc, AIG Corp
Vanessa Stiffler-Claues, John Deere & Co

Session 12

Frank Szopinski, Abbott
Mike Green, BP 
Rick Prior, International Paper

Session 13

Greg DeCamp, Constellation Power
Dean Miracle, Southern Company

Session 14

Don Ritz, Barrick Gold

Session 15

Larry Deeney, General Mills
Sarah Gibson, Dell
Michael Hewett, Publix Supermarket

Session 16

Brian Glazebrook, Cisco Systems

Session 17

Jeff Linberger, Duke Energy

Session 18

Michael Hewett, DuPont
Mitch Jackson, FedEx

Session 19

Bob Brayley, Textron
Paul Narog, 3M

Session 20

Phil Wood, ENSR AECOM 
Ray Lizotte, APC

Session 21

Andrew Couch, West Tennessee Clean Cities Coalition
Dave Prybylowski, MARS Snacks

Session 22

Liz Mueller, Gap 
Jennifer Mattes, Johnson Controls
Richard Wizansky, SCA
Anita Dawson, Cadbury

Session 23

Alex Pollock

Session 24

Shannon Cunniff, DOD
Mike Leake, Raytheon

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